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Herbal Treatment for Diabetes

By admin - Posted on 30 September 2008

BioLife BioEngineering (China) Inc.

Phase III Clinical Trial Demonstrates 84% Effectiveness Rate For Zutrol™ And 77% For Betatrol™

"Western medical testing techniques are now being used to demonstrate the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine," said Jack Guo, Chairman of the BioLife Group of Companies.

Testing of Zutrol™

Dr. Chang-ding Chen, President of the Guangzhou Tianhe Medical Institute, performed the Zutrol™ testing following the latest WHO diagnostic standards. The test group included seventy-one persons upon whom various blood tests were conducted (blood sugar, platelet accumulation rate, cholesterol and triglyceride). Test subjects were divided into three groups with a contrast group taking Western medicine (Diamicron, Tolbutamide and Insulin) and the second taking Zutrol™ only and a third group taking both Zutrol™ and Western medicine. The treatment course covered three months.

Using this evaluation method—which takes the blood rheological index as an objective index to score the treatment—the test total effectiveness rate for Zutrol™ was eighty-four percent. The results also indicated that:

  • There is a close relationship between the rate of total effectiveness and the patient's condition.
  • Patients with mild diabetes had the best treatment rate of 88%.
  • Patients with more serious diabetes had the lowest effectiveness rate of 75%.
  • Effectiveness was greater for patients who had a history of illness less than five years.
  • Of the test group taking both Zutrol™ and Western medicine, 16% reduced their Western medicine intake while only 6% increased their Western medicine intake.
  • Patients reported no side effects.

Testing of Betatrol™

Testing of the second product, Betatrol™, was conducted by Yi-hui Chen, Post-Graduate for Doctorate and Permanent Director of the Guangzhou Tianhe Medical Institute. His test group included 243 people with an observation group taking Betatrol™ and a contrast group taking Western medicine (Diamicron, Daonil, Tollbutamide, Diformin and Insulin) over a treatment period of 3 months.

The report concluded that the group taking Betatrol™ had an overall effective rate of 77.2% whereas the group taking Western medicine had an effective rate of just 10%. The observation group was also separated into two parts—one taking only Betatrol and one taking Betatrol and Western medicine. The percentage of patients stopping or decreasing Western medicine was 41.86%. Empty stomach blood sugar decreased 5.32 points (13.19 to 7.87). The report states that the combined application of Betatrol™ and Western medicine is "quite beneficial for the control of the patients' condition."

Each report indicates that both products had the effect of reducing patient's cholesterol levels with Zutrol™. Average levels in the experimental group fell from 223 to 211 compared to the contrast group whose levels rose from 211 to 216. There was even greater improvement using Betatrol™ which reported a decrease of 34.61 in cholesterol (from 230.89 to 196.28) and a decrease of 42.41 in triglyceride (from 180.64 to 138.23), whereas the contrast group reported a cholesterol drop of 7.23 (218.12 to 210.89) and a triglyceride drop of 4.43 (166.39 to 161.96). The Guangzhou Tianhe Medical Institute is part of the administrative district of Guangzhou, which has a population of over 10 million people.

"We are delighted to release this report which demonstrates the medical effectiveness of the Zutrol™ and Betatrol™," said Jack Guo, Chairman of the BioLife Group of Companies. "With such an effective product, the company hopes to capture a significant percentage of the estimated $100 billion a year spent on diabetes care. I know this product will enhance the lives of millions of diabetic sufferers."

The company hopes the diabetic products will be the first of many products introduced by the BioLife Group into the North American marketplace from China.

About BioLife Group

BioLife Group is a leading International Bio-Engineering Company, with locations in China, Canada and the USA, specializing in the research, development and production of scientifically produced natural herbal medicinal supplements for the treatment and cure of diabetes mellitus and its complications. BioLife Group is committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes through the research, development and commercialization of innovative, cost-effective natural solutions. More information about can be found BioLife Group at its website at

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